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Merry Christmas

Can’t believe it’s been almost three week s since our last blog post!   Between Jonathan’s birthday, the school Christmas play, the church Christmas pageant, the Nutcracker (which unfortunately was not to be for Charlotte since she sprained her ankle during … Continue reading

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Why we made Deedah, and how we hope people will use it

The simple answer is we wanted to demystify what is like to have a child with Down syndrome; to show that Jonathan really is a blessing.  We wanted to encourage parents, and to educate children.  Sometimes someone says it better … Continue reading

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Hi all.  We are working on the epic Buddy Walk post and it occurred to me we hadn’t chosen the winner from the post last week.  So with no further ado… Congratulations to Elissa Lindsey, and to reward persistence and … Continue reading

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now and the future

“Jonathan, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “A policeman.  with a dog.” “Oh cool.  Like a German Shepard?” “No. with a puppy.” *** Every couple weeks, I ask the kids what they want to be when … Continue reading

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Down with NYC

Sometimes in life, I just pinch myself, as I stumble upon something so serendipitous, so in the right place at the right time Forrest Gump-esque, that I just can’t believe I’m there.  Such was the case two Saturday mornings ago, … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

Karen Johnson says: Hi, I’m new to your blog having read a comment you left on Kelle’s blog in regards to boneless puddles. I’m a new mom to DS but my baby is actually going to 16 in December, I … Continue reading

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Grandma’s post

I still receive handwritten notes from my mother for my birthday and random occasions.  My mom always writes beautifully and reminds me of some long past event.  I asked her to write a post for Deedah and Me knowing I … Continue reading

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First Entry

Deedah finally has a real website home. After kicking around domain names–“Deedah”–is taken by a herd of Elephants, Jonathan exclaimed: “Deedah and me! get it? sister and me!” Seeing how this was the original title of the film project, we … Continue reading

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