Happy Hour

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head out of work on Friday, and b-line for the beach with the family.  The standard beach crowd has long since left, over-dosed on sun and sand.  The beach is quiet, empty.  The evening sun is gold, lighting up surf, clouds and faces.  It’s even better when friends are there to share it.

Empty Beach

When we arrived the tide was all the way out, and we hiked half way to Spain to be close enough to water for the kids to play.  Charlotte paired off with Abby, Jonathan with Alex.  Off they went and played nice all evening allowing us to catch up with Andy and Jeri Lyn.

Kids off to explore

Looking for sharks

After an hour, the surf started it’s twice daily march up the beach and we retreated to higher ground.  Late afternoon storms converged but aimed for Little Tybee and Hilton Head, blessing Tybee with blue skies.  We enjoyed another hour, watching the sun go down and lighting in storms to the North and South.

Catching up

When the beach became too dark we headed off to Huckapoo’s for Pizza.  Huckapoo’s is classic Tybee, casual in extreme, plastic cups and tattered menus reminding patrons that they serve pizza, nacho’s and beer.  Sun bleached surfers, trucker’s hats, children playing corn-hole and ring-hook, or watching America’s Funniest Video’s while sucking free icy-es.

A six topping request left our waiter baffled, but the result was accepted and quickly disappeared.

Stretching Friday turns every weekend into a three-day weekend.  Tell us about your favorite Friday evening family time.

Until next time, Phil

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Wild couple of days

Well, if you have read our first post and have been on the edge of your seats, then you are a very patient person.  We have been talking about blogging for some time and  have not known how to kick it off.  We have a good excuse now.

Since we launched Deedah in May we have met many people at film festivals and have received incredible feedback about the film.  But, we’ll be honest, it is hard to get discovered.

This week we hit the big time.  Kelle Hampton posted a review and a link to the Deedah trailer on her blog small things.  WoW!  In two days the trailer was viewed over 9,000 times and the traffic over to Down Syndrome Footprint to buy the DVD has been incredible.

From that post, Deedah has shown up on Life with Sweet Pea and My Life with Gabriel.

In addition, we have received several requests to sponsor doctor’s offices and schools.  Thanks to Stacy in Regina, Saskatchewan (!) for sponsoring her schools.

And we have 60 new fans on our Deedah Facebook page.

So here’s the deal.  Brooke has lots of things she wants to share about life with Deedah and Jonathan, but doesn’t know how to start.  So I thought I would kick this off.  If you want to give her encouragement, leave her a comment below.

Until next time.


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First Entry

Deedah finally has a real website home. After kicking around domain names–“Deedah”–is taken by a herd of Elephants, Jonathan exclaimed:

“Deedah and me! get it? sister and me!”

Seeing how this was the original title of the film project, we had to go with it! Welcome to our site!

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