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World Down syndrome Day – 2016 edition

It’s been a rough couple of years. From unemployment to starting a business, to spending sixteen excruciating days at the hospital while our son Jonathan battled a mystery illness to watching our daughter Charlotte struggle with a chronic disease, life … Continue reading

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World Down Syndrome Day…in Utah!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, the day set aside each year to celebrate all of those who are blessed with “something extra,” including my son Jonathan.  As many of you may know, our family’s world is a different one … Continue reading

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Update from Salt Lake City

I’ll say it again, we are the world’s worst bloggers. Almost a year ago–Valentine’s day–to be exact, I started work in Salt Lake City.  I moved here last March and Brooke and kids followed in June.  We ended up buying … Continue reading

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What’s going on?

Wow, we have turned into lame bloggers.  You are probably thinking we just dropped off the face of the earth, and in some ways we have.  We have been wicked busy, but it’s all good. We are very excited that … Continue reading

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Yes, its true

A few weeks ago, Charlotte was pestering me about taking her girl scout cookie order sheet to work.  I generally shy away from that because I think its obnoxious for the boss to bring anything that makes the staff feel … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Can’t believe it’s been almost three week s since our last blog post!   Between Jonathan’s birthday, the school Christmas play, the church Christmas pageant, the Nutcracker (which unfortunately was not to be for Charlotte since she sprained her ankle during … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jonathan

Eight years ago today, in this season of Advent, Phil, Charlotte and I were blessed with the greatest Christmas present imaginable – the gift of a wonderful son and a sweet baby brother. Happy Birthday, Dear Jonathan! You make us … Continue reading

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Random Conversation

Last couple days the kids have been under the weather.  Both were home from school on Friday.  Deedah has a virus, and Jonathan has an ear infection. Jonathan started getting bored Friday afternoon. Jonathan:  “Mom, I want to out to … Continue reading

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Perfectly Human – Why are we here?

I was asked to guest blog over at Thin Places for the Perfectly Human series: Every day when I return home from work, as soon as I am through the front door, I can hear Jonathan scampering toward me yelling … Continue reading

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Pesky Little Brother

Charlotte dances, goes to Girl Scouts and attends school with a great group of girls.  Often her “pesky little brother” is thrown into the mix during our comings and goings with carpools, birthday parties and after school and in school … Continue reading

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