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A very productive meeting

I have never been more proud of my local Down syndrome support group than last night.  Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society ( has done some amazing things in its only five years in existence.  The group has raised a lot of … Continue reading

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Regrets, and the giving tree

In Savannah, we are blessed to be surrounded by majestic live oak trees.  These trees lose their leaves in February, but immediate grow new leaves such that trees are never bare.   Their limbs reach for sunlight and lower branches will … Continue reading

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Hygiene and routine

I’ve always said, “Marriage is the death of hygiene :-).”  But after today, I think I can add another item to that list – summer.  It occurred to me when I was chatting with my neighbor who was mentioning that … Continue reading

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A better parent than me…

Last Friday night we witnessed this exchange. Charlotte ran up to the adults and complained “Jonathan hit me on the back with boogie-board and it wasn’t an accident!” (I quietly congratulated myself for not buying the boogie boards with knives … Continue reading

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On profanity, and pride

Phil and several of you challenged me to blog – so here goes! I am so moved by the comments we’ve received about the film, my children and our family – I can’t even begin to express it.  I, too, … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head out of work on Friday, and b-line for the beach with the family.  The standard beach crowd has long since left, over-dosed on sun and sand.  The … Continue reading

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Wild couple of days

Well, if you have read our first post and have been on the edge of your seats, then you are a very patient person.  We have been talking about blogging for some time and  have not known how to kick … Continue reading

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First Entry

Deedah finally has a real website home. After kicking around domain names–“Deedah”–is taken by a herd of Elephants, Jonathan exclaimed: “Deedah and me! get it? sister and me!” Seeing how this was the original title of the film project, we … Continue reading

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