Update from Salt Lake City

I’ll say it again, we are the world’s worst bloggers.

Almost a year ago–Valentine’s day–to be exact, I started work in Salt Lake City.  I moved here last March and Brooke and kids followed in June.  We ended up buying a house in Draper with an incredible view of the valley.  We watch incredible sunsets every evening from our windows and decks.  Brooke says she feels like she is on vacation living here.

Looking North along the Wastach Range from our back deck



Looking West

The kids ended up in a great elementary school.  Charlotte is in a gifted class and is being somewhat challenged.  We found what others have found out upon moving to Utah. The curriculum here is about a year behind schools in other parts of the country.

Jonathan is in a mainstream 2nd grade classroom.  We lucked out again and ended up with a principal, teachers and resource teachers who really support Jonathan.  He continues to thrive.  Hopefully I can convince Brooke to blog about the details.

We don’t have the playmate paradise that we had in Savannah where there were 10 kids on the street to play with, but the kids are adjusting OK.  Savannah was an incredibly social place; Utah is a less so.

Summer was wonderful.  Within walking distance–and mountain biking distance–is Corner Canyon, a city preserve with streams, waterfalls and miles of trails.  I bought a mountain bike and lost 15 lbs over the summer.

Ghost Falls in Corner Canyon

Dry, no bugs, and the cool mountains just 20 minutes away.  We frequently escaped up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird and Alta, and around the other side to Park City.   Mom and several of my siblings came for a visit.  All were amazed at how close the mountains are to the city.

Alta in the late summer. It took a long time for the record snow to melt this year.


"This is some sick terrain!"

The kids have started skiing.  The local parks and rec have a ski school program where kids are picked up from school on Friday and are taken up to Snowbird for a two-hour lesson.  Charlotte has caught the bug big time despite a hand injury–another kid skied over her hand. Ouch!  Jonathan likes it but hasn’t yet caught that adrenaline rush that keeps you coming back.  It will happen.

The Deedah DVD continues to sell despite our best efforts to make it hard to find.  I finally updated this links on this site that take you to the correct page at the Down Syndrome Footprint site.  The DSF site now allows reviews.  Can I ask you to go there and leave a review for Deedah?  You have to register with DSF, but some reviews of the DVD will really help to spread the awareness.  Thanks!

Well, we’re back.  There has been a lot of exciting things that have happened for us in the past year.  We’ll try to fill in the blanks.  Hope all of you are doing well.

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