Since last week, and a love letter

Last Monday, I started my new job in Salt Lake City.  I flew out there on Sunday, worked all week and flew back to Savannah on Friday afternoon.  (For those who hadn’t heard, my role here in Savannah was eliminated in January.  I was out of work exactly one month.)  I can’t beleive how blessed I am to find work so quickly, to find a role that is actually a step up in accountability, to be able to return to my beloved Rocky Mountains, and to land at such a good company (England Logistics).  You have to love a company that openly proclaims that their passion is “enabling and watching their people grow.”  (I’m pinching myself.)


On Saturday, I drove to Hilton Head with neighbor (Cap’n) Steve where we crewed for a sailboat race from Hilton Head back to the Savannah Yacht Club.  A beautiful day, but so light on wind that the race was scratched and we ended up motoring most of the way down.  Thank you to Brooke for letting me play away after being away all week.  That’s love.


For Sale:  Movie Set.

We are selling our house to move to Salt Lake City.  If you know anyone in the Savannah area looking to move into Olde Towne, please forward this link to them.  This is such a great spot to raise children.  We have THE BEST neighbors.


On Sunday, we had to get out of the house as there were a couple of showings.  Jonathan wanted to go to the play “Wizard of Oz” while Charlotte and I did not, so we split up.

It was such a beautiful day and there was nothing to do, so we went downtown to walk around.  We parked at Monterrey Square (the square where the story Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is centered) and headed up Bull St. toward the Savannah River.  It was so nice to spend a lazy day with my beautiful daughter on such a beautiful day in such a beautiful city.  I will miss Savannah very much.

Bull and Jones. When I win the lottery, I will buy a house on Jones St.

Brilliant sun

SCAD Student Art Gallery. Art is everywhere!

fashionista Charlotte with her new boots in the Shop SCAD gallery.

General James Oglethorpe through the live oak.

General Oglethorpe facing South to protect Savannah from the Spanish in Florida

Church of Scotland steeple

Church of Scotland

Still a few more blocks to the City Hall at Bay and Bull

A quick stop in B&D Burgers for a “beer to go.”  When Jonathan and I go on a Daddy date, this is where we inevitably end up.  Because, according to Jonathan, “all the ladies know me there.”  Ran into Catherine (Jonathan’s girlfriend and my favorite bartender) on the way her way home.  We are gonna miss you!

Everybody is happy

The blooms are just starting to come out.

Paula Dean's restaurant "The Lady & Sons"

Charlotte seeing if Johnny Mercer's shoes are bigger (they are.)

City Market

City Hall on Bay Street

The steep stairs leading down to River Street

Looking up river. Just missed the ship.

Looking down river. The Convention center and the Westin on Hutchinson Island.

Killing time waiting for the water ferry.

Late afternoon sun on River Street

River Street from the ferry.

Factor's Row. This is where cotton was traded. The cobbles were used as ballast on cotton ships.

What to do.... (Johnson Square)

Chippewa Square. This is where Forest Gump waited for the bus.

More early blooms

Deedah can not resist Golden Retriever Puppies

Six Pence Pub. From the movie "Something to talk about" with Julia Roberts.

End of the day

Charlotte and I had a great day.  She wasn’t real hot on the idea of walking around downtown, but in the end she said “this is the best day ever…except for Disney world.”   Oh, well.  I don’t feel too bad taking second place.

I will really miss Savannah.  If you haven’t been here, put it on your bucket list.  There is no more welcoming place on earth.  And if you have the opportunity to spend it with your favorite daughter, all the better.

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5 Responses to Since last week, and a love letter

  1. Pam says:

    Congratulations on the new job! My husband lost his a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping he’ll find a replacement soon.
    Love the pictures of your day with Deedah. Seemed like a beautiful day. Savannah is definitely on my bucket list, thanks to these pictures! (oh and my stepdaughter loves Deedah’s shoes)
    Best of luck with selling your house, your new job, and I wish a smooth transition for all!

  2. Anna says:

    Ooohhhhh….. Savannah is just beautiful! So thankful for a new job and new opportunities to meet NEW friends! (and Deedahs shoes! awesome!)

  3. Karen Strite says:

    We’re sorry you’re leaving the South too. Hope all the adjustments will go smoothly! Jonathan’s perception while watching The Fox and Hound made my heart cry. Give him a big hug from me and Wade.

  4. Kristin says:

    GREAT photos! That’s my church (“church of Scotland”- Independent Pres.). Charlotte’s hair look darling! I actually didn’t realize you had started the new job already! Glad you are loving it!

  5. Catherine says:

    I’m excited to meet you and your family! My husband lost his job in Los Angeles and two weeks later got a new better more amazing job in Salt Lake City. He was flying back and forth for 3 months and now we are all here in SLC ( moved here 2 weeks ago ) looking for our house and figuring out the school districts and inclusion philosophy at each school. I hear you are as well. I think you will be joining our yahoogroup soon. It sounds like everything is moving into place for you with your job and your move and if I can help in any way let me know.

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