What might you become, Jonathan?

What Jonathan’s adult life will be like is in the top 5 things I think about in the quiet moments.

Let’s face it, he is unlikely to be a surgeon, or Chief Financial Officer, but I suspect he will exceed most of our expectations.  Why not?  He has so far.

We try hard to set high expectations for him, and it is already ingrained into him that he will complete college.  If you can’t dream it, you can’t do it.

In a previous post, we talked about Tim Harris who has a restaurant in Albuquerque.  Here is another career I could see Jonathan doing, and doing well.  Ben Majewski works at Children’s Hospital Boston.  Please take a minute to read his story.

Just thirty years ago, children with Down syndrome were frequently thought to be unteachable and were frequently institutionalized.  Look at how far we have come.  What kinds of careers might be available to our designer-gene children?  It’s exciting to contemplate.


There are a lot of people breaking down walls for our children.  One of the ways this is happening is the confrontation of the language used to describe people with intellectual disabilities–the battle to end the use of the r-word.   This speech given by a high school senior is one of the most powerful messages I have seen on this subject.  Please take the ten minutes to watch this video, and pass it on to others.

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4 Responses to What might you become, Jonathan?

  1. This is something we ponder on a lot. Terry and I dream the dream of Gabe’s future, and we know that ultimately, Gabe’s future will be his own. We, too, feel such gratitude towards the parents of children with Down syndrome, who have been breaking down all kinds of barriers. Even parents like you and Brooke!

    There is a young man named Andrew Banar and he has a wonderful story. You might want to read about Andrew and his project to raise money for college.


    It’s not only inspiring but SMART. This young man has a bright future ahead and he could easily be a drummer in a band or a graphic designer — careers I would never have thought about for Gabe after we learned that he has Ds!

    We’re dreaming BIG, these days! 😉

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