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We try really hard not to offend anyone here at Deedah and me.  The blog confronts difficult situations and we discuss sharp feelings, but we avoid the controversy and keep things mostly rated G in this rated R world we live in.

The kids do a lot of things that we as parents are not proud of and, we don’t blog about every time Jonathan sticks his finger up his nose.  But sometimes that which comes from the mouths of babes is so shockingly funny we just gotta share.

So fair warning, the following discusses lady parts…

Halloween, 2010

In the eve’s (yes, there was more than one) leading up to Halloween, Jonathan was continuously clad in his costume (which we think is one of the superheroes from G-force, but this is yet to be verified.)

Muscles are printed on the costume to give my little beanpole the illusion of mighty pectorals.

Charlotte pointed to his chest and said, “Jonathan! your costume has boobs!”

Jonathan yelled back, THEY’RE NOT BOOBS! THEY’RE TITS!”

…and lest you fear our children are raised by wolves, mom did correct the record with an on-the-fly anatomy lesson (and was able to stifle a laugh.)

Halloween, 2010

Charlotte, Abbie and Jonathan with his super-pecs

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4 Responses to Rated PG

  1. Karen Strite says:

    If she was able to give that anatomy lesson without laughing, my hat’s off to her! And Wade cracks us up by pointing to his chest and saying, “Neeple!”

  2. Bwahahahaha! We have our own little “censor” parties too. 😛

  3. And the kids look great in their costumes!

  4. Ruth Cleaver says:

    Laughed so hard at thst :) my son Kale with Ds who is 5 always says “nice boobies” when he sees me changing. Got it from his dear Dad …..

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