Tiger cubs

Born ready

Last Thursday night, Jonathan and I went to the Cub Scout Pack 16 troop meeting.  Jonathan just joined as a Tiger cub.  So far we are having fun.  At the troop meeting Jonathan and his best friends Max and Ian, all handsome and trim in their new uniforms, were sworn in as new scouts and threw their sticks into the fire to make the flames of the pack burn brighter.


When I go to events like this, I’m always watching Jonathan, praying that he behaves well and doesn’t do anything to embarrass…well me, I guess, because he sure doesn’t get embarrassed!

When excited, he is hard to understand.  He always has his hands up to ask questions, and is so excited to get it out that his sentences come out “whewecamoutisit80milesaway?” (When we go camping, is it 80 miles away?)  The scout leader entertains the question and smiles politely, but you can tell he has no idea what Jonathan said.  (I haven’t figured out how to play these situations.  Should I jump in and coach or interpret?  Or let him figure out how to be understood.  I want him to stand on his own, and not be that kid that always needs someone to assist and translate.)

As far as being embarrassed by what he might say, he is a pretty typical kid.  What I have come to observe is that all the kids have their own little quirks that make their parents uneasy.  Before the meeting is over, I relax and enjoy watching the kids be kids.  The other parents do as well.


After the swearing in ceremony, the pack played games-tug of war.

Getting ready

Dad, hold this

can't get real traction with crocs

The winning team

Both Dad and Jonathan had a great time.  Jonathan fits right in and his cub mates treat him like one of the guys.  Perfect.

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4 Responses to Tiger cubs

  1. Lianna says:

    Oh what a terrific pack of photos!!! I LOVE the one of Jonathon with his big smile (minus two front teeth!) in the “Getting Ready” photo!

    I think it’s great that Jonathon has joined Cubs. He looks like he really likes it and I think the camaraderie between the boys is a positive thing for everyone there!

  2. Bobby Thanepohn says:

    What wonderful pictures! Welcome to the wonderful world of scouting. I am positive Jonathan will make it all the way to Eagle Scout someday!

    I really like the way that the boys add their sticks to the fire. We may have to introduce that practice to our pack.

  3. Joan Redeen says:

    Congrats to Jonathan on becoming a Cub Scout! We did scouting for many years with both of my boys (my younger son is now 19 and has Down syndrome) and we ALWAYS had a great time! Exciting times are ahead, enjoy them!

  4. Kristin says:

    Hmm, I never thought about scouts- I bet Thomas would love that! Where is your troop?

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