How does this story end?!

Last Wednesday was not a good day.  The first three days of each month are exceptionally crazy. We have to close the books at work; early mornings, late nights, lots of stress.  I was already worn out when I picked up Jonathan from karate and Charlotte from dance 7:00 PM on my way home from work.  As soon as both kids were in the car, they started bickering.  This time, the source of conflict was a single magazine in the back seat, and whose side it was on.  Back and forth it flew.

A few loud, sharp words from me and it stopped.  And I immediately felt like crap for loosing my cool, and was very frustrated with the kids.  I want bliss and happiness when I am around the them and when we all sit silent and mad at each other, it feels like a wasted moment we will never get back.

We headed straight home for dinner (Brooke, thank you for having it done and ready to serve.)  My annoyance continued as we didn’t sit down for dinner until 7:30.  I ate dinner quickly, cleaned up the kitchen, and escaped to my chair to chill out.

Charlotte joined me to work on homework, and being very tired and grumpy, was not bringing her A-game.  So she was peppering me with questions that she could easily answer an hour earlier.  It was after 8:00 PM–normal bedtime–before Jonathan finished his dinner.

Jonathan then came over for his nightly lobby for a fudge bar, a treat which requires “eating a good dinner.”  He started talking in great detail with wild hand gestures about how he had eaten all of his rice and peas by spreading them around, then pushing them toward the close side of his plate–Charlotte: “Daddy, this sentence doesn’t make any sense.”–“hold on Charlotte, Jonathan’s talking”–then ate six bites and finished almost all–“Daddy, what does qualify mean?”–“Charlotte..”–and the gravy…blah, blah.. Finally, I blurted out in frustration, and angry with myself before I even finished talking:


Jonathan paused for just a moment, then said, “with a period.”

Charlotte and I burst out laughing, and Jonathan, never one to miss a good laugh, immediately joined in.

Evening salvaged.

Later, I relayed the story to Brooke.  She said, “That’s my boy.  He’s been working on sentence construction at school and homework.  ‘Jonathan, don’t forget the period.’ ”


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7 Responses to How does this story end?!

  1. Karen Strite says:

    I absolutely love this story. Every parent needs a court jester at his elbow on days like that!

  2. Lianna says:

    LOL! Timing is everything! :)

  3. Cindy Chapel says:

    Don’t get down on yourself for those “human moments” they are few compared with the many moments of joy that you have with your family. This story is the perfect snap shot of families all over the world, may they be blessed with a super hero like Jonathan to save the day!

  4. KarenJ says:

    Oh my goodness, that is hilarious! Out of the mouths of babe….hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah I needed a good laugh, thanks for sharing this.

  5. Shannon Michaels says:

    too funny, phil. :-) cool blog!

  6. fara says:

    oh i can relate! how funny! my little guy has been known to so innocently change the mood. if only we could be so forgiving and jolly! we’re learnign from him everyday . . .

  7. Turtar says:

    I just came across your blog, and I love this story. It’s nice to read about other children with DS (my son with DS is 2–his sister without DS is 6) and know you’re not alone. My son breaks the tension by laughing at me (one of his doctors described his laugh as “infectious”). Then I can’t stay mad.

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