We’re still here, just mostly there

We haven’t dropped the blogging, life simply took over.

It was a busy week.  The kids had their first week of school.  Both kids have wonderful teachers.  Most of Charlotte’s buds are in her class.  Jonathan has moved up to first grade and is doing well so far–he received four “super stars” for exceptional behavior.  We are pushing him hard to develop good homework habits.  Fortunately, Charlotte has always come home from school and completed her homework straight away.  So to Jonathan (hopefully), that is normal.

On Tuesday, Brooke went to the doctor and nipped a respiratory infection with a z-pack.  And good thing because…

I was out in Los Angeles completing a sale which has consumed work life for the last year.  Between meeting with employees and dinners with the buyers there was no extra time….except to sneak few calls to Publix to order party platters, and emails with neighbor Katie who was helping me plan Brooke’s surprise birthday party.

I took the red eye back Thursday night, slept for few hours, then began running around town to pick up party stuff and to buy her a new video camera.  (Her old one took one to many sandstorms at Tybee.)

I took the family to dinner to celebrate the deal.  This was the first time to Bella’s cafe.  We will definitely be back.

Jonathan with the full Italian napkin tuck-in...for chicken fingers.

Meanwhile Katie, Steve, and Brooke’s brother Thad set up the party in our backyard.  We came back from dinner to backyard FULL of people.  I think she was surprised, but in any case we all had a great time.

I last saw your kid over there.

Steve and Jason guarding the coolers

The Meekers and Dr. Steve (and Karen glowing in the background.) You might recognize Dr. Steve if you watch Ruby.

Thad had everyone put a birthday greeting on the camera then gave it her with a request to do another film project.  I know that surprised her.

Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Good times

Brooke is working on a post related to therapies for Jonathan and I’m working on a post on why Down syndrome is a blessing.  Have a great weekend!

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One Response to We’re still here, just mostly there

  1. Lianna says:

    Happy Birthday to Brooke! It looks like the party was a big hit!

    Great news on Jonathon’s superstars for super behavior! Just wanted to say that since receiving your DVD, our son Gabriel, plays it a lot. He now has some lines memorized! My husband, Terry, and I want to shout out a big Thank You for making such a moving film. We’ll be sharing it with Gabriel’s teacher next week when he begins SK. Thanks again.

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