Jonathan said…

Jonathan:  “Daddy, I want to be the president.”

“Really!  Why?”

“So that I can go out to eat more often.  And go sailing.  And go out of town.”

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3 Responses to Jonathan said…

  1. P K says:

    Me too! Benji’s going to be too but because he will have lots of common sense in addition to his endearing ways. I hope we can convince him to take on the burden! But he’s a bit younger than Jonathon so maybe he can be his VP then Pres.!

  2. Kristin says:

    hahahahahaha, he’s very insightful, love it.

  3. Sarh says:

    oh that is so sweet and innocent. I used to think I wanted to go out to eat more, now I just want to enjoy cooking so I can eat at home more

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