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I still receive handwritten notes from my mother for my birthday and random occasions.  My mom always writes beautifully and reminds me of some long past event.  I asked her to write a post for Deedah and Me knowing I would no doubt capture some nugget.  The assignment was without direction, but Brooke couldn’t resist some comments.  With no further ado…my Mom from New Mexico:

I am Jonathan and “Deedah’s” Grandmother, Phil’s Mother, and Brooke’s Mother by marriage to Phil.  (“Mother-in-law” has a negative, antiseptic ring, I think.) :-)

Surely, you can imagine the joy I have watching Jonathan and his family blossom and grow in love.

Let me share some snapshots. Phil had a child’s part in a summer production of “Oliver.”  He said, “Please sir, may I have some more?”  Following high school, he spent one semester at a local university.  Wrapping that up, he announced, “the profs are all stupid”, and moved to Reno.  He carved out a career and did well.  (We all know from previous blogs that his university days were not over and that he went onto establish another career)  But back to Reno – He did well there in more ways than one…he met Brooke.  And, did I mention, he is an artist?

Brooke has many talents and strengths!  She is successful in all she undertakes.  What I love most about her is her warmth, her heart that beats for everyone.  She has taken on many causes.  When Phil’s older sister had breast cancer, Brooke put her talents to work on that cause.  Today, Phil’s sister is a successful weaver, business woman, wife, and Mother, and is radiantly healthy.

NOTE FROM BROOKE:  My mom by marriage seems to be giving me a lot of credit for my sister by marriage’s recovery – In case you were wondering, in my spare time that year I also walked on water and performed a few other miracles as well. :-) But can you all see why I love by mom by marriage so much? :-)  Unconditional love is a wonderful thing! BACK TO RAMONA:

Well, my point is, both Phil and Brooke are bring it on, more porridge, please, kinds of people.

By now, you all know Charlotte (Deedah) and Jonathan.  How could a Grandma ask for more?  (Actually, there are more-15 Grandchildren and 1 Great Grandchild) but, I digress….

I remember well the phone call from Brooke following the determination that she and Phil were going to have a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome.  Tears filled our eyes, and blurred our words.  I remember saying, “We’ll make it through this!”  How noble and brave of me!  Distance has been a pervading devil in our lives as a family (Phil has six siblings scattered from here to Germany) so, in short, Phil and Brooke have made it, and continue to make it, through “this.”  “This” has turned out to be a most wonderful thing.  It is a most remarkable and inspiring journey for all of us who look on.

What about Jonathan?  I like to think I saw his first smile when he was a hand held bundle.

NOTE FROM BROOKE:  She is not making this one up.  I have the picture to prove it. :)

Grandma and Jonathan

Sometimes, Phil calls me on his way home from work.  I love hearing the shouts of Charlotte and Jonathan when he pulls in his driveway.  One time I was sitting in my car, waving goodbye to Charlotte and Jonathan.  In a burst of spontaneity, Jonathan ran up to my open window, and planted a kiss right on my lips!  Is that a treasured memory, or what!?  More recently-and he is right on target as little boys become bigger boys-he quickly and quietly, told me he loved me (Brooke, it is precious to me, even if it was your suggestion.)

NOTE FROM BROOKE:  Believe me; if Jonathan didn’t want to tell Grandma he loved her, he wouldn’t have :-)

The short film, “Deedah” has inspired and educated so many people!  Like a pebble dropped in a pond, the film has produced ripples, then waves of inspiration, help, and camaraderie for parents who share the challenge and joy of children with “Up!” syndrome.  Karate, swimming, surfing, hockey, basketball, reading, schoolwork, bumps in the road, hard work, tears, lots of laughter and faith in God…Bring it on sez Jonathan as he observes the world from Phil’s six-foot high shoulders, and Brooke’s warm, cuddling arms, and Deedah’s unshakable confidence.

'09 St. Patrick's Day Parade, Savannah

Love, Mom

Thanks Mom!  You are welcome here anytime.

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  1. dee harriott says:

    Now I know why the members of the May family are such loving, caring people. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.
    Beautiful sentiments from a proud grandmother!

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