Fish and Pizza

Last weekend, we headed up to Atlanta.  On Saturday, Brooke went to the Downsed Conference, while I visited with my brother and his family.  So here goes, a dang near perfect day.

First off, the kids slept in so I had some quiet time to visit with my brother and sister in law.  And we watched the Vuelta a Espana.  OK, my brother and I watched the race.

After lunch, we headed downtown to the Georgia Aquarium.  If you ever get to Atlanta, go.

For the bucket list:  Charlotte thought SCUBA diving in the shark tank would be the coolest.  You have to be certified.  I say Dad and daughter get certified and celebrate a future birthday in the tank.

Ahhh. No fair!

This bubble window allows you to get right out (in?) there.

Jonathan, don't turn around.

Jonathan & Charlotte. "Are you sure this thing is gonna hold?"


And for me, frosting.  Right there in the ballroom…classic cars.

"you buy this?"

A 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB.

“You are going to buy this one?”

“Yes Jonathan, I’m buying it”

“But father, mother and the children will be destitute!”


And finally, for those of you who think God has no sense of humor, the fish who inspired Jim Henson’s Muppets.

Take care of your teeth, kid. You don't want to end up like me.

We returned to Marietta and met Brooke and our new best friends for dinner at Marietta Pizza Co.  Jennifer is the Co-VP of the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta and Chairman of this year’s Atlanta Buddywalk.  There are a lot of things to like about the Deedah project, but tops for us is meeting fantastic people like the Thanepohn’s.  (Shameless plug:  Jennifer sold 20 Deedah’s at the Downsed Conference and raised $120 for the Atlanta DSAA.  Learn more here.)

The May's, Jennifer & Bobby Thanepohn with handsome Preston

After dinner, the kids went outside to the square to play, where a cloud burst promptly washed them back in.  We bought time while the storm passed with ice cream for Spencer, Brier, Charlotte, James and Jonathan.

You've made us SO happy!

The girls began lobbying for a movie-night sleep over, but the day was too long gone.  That brought on a pout.

The pout

Charlotte:  “Brier, how do you do that?”

Brier:  “You have to bite the inside of your cheek.”

Jonathan:  “Daddy, I am shooting 50-caliber-mind-bullets at you.  You are dead to me.”

Good times.

Oh, by the way Brooke will blog about the Downsed conference in a future post.

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  1. We had the best day ever!

    The kids are so excited about coming down to Savannah! Go J-walkers!!!!

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