A real hero

I found this message over at My Life with Gabriel.  I couldn’t say it any better so I’ll quote verbatum:

I am certain that you have most likely heard of Andrea Roberts and her passionate mission and work through Reece’s Rainbow. Currently, her organization is now in the running to be voted “Hero of the Year” through People magazine. The prize is $10, 000. I believe that Reece’s Rainbow is one of the most deserving organizations to be granted this money.

Andrea and her team at Reece’s Rainbow help to find forever families for international orphans with Down syndrome. Most, if not all of these children, are shunned by family due to cultural pressure as well as economic strife, into orphanages. By age five, if the children have not been placed with a family, they are then transferred into mental institutions.

Since 2006, Reece’s Rainbow has helped 130 orphans find forever families. (Stat taken from the website.) It takes a lot of fundraising (and creative ideas to raise money!) for Andrea and her team to make this organization work but more importantly, save lives.

I think if everyone spreads the word about the People Hero of the Year Award and Reece’s Rainbow, the organization would have a greater chance of winning. Let’s help Andrea with her mission! And keep spreading awareness about Down syndrome!!!


Thanks Lianna for bringing this to our attention!

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