Regrets, and the giving tree

In Savannah, we are blessed to be surrounded by majestic live oak trees.  These trees lose their leaves in February, but immediate grow new leaves such that trees are never bare.   Their limbs reach for sunlight and lower branches will grow horizontally 75 feet creating a cantilever that defies belief.

We have several live oaks in our backyard, the largest of which must be 100 years old.  It sits just to the south of our back patio, and provides wonderful shade.  From one of its limbs hangs a tire swing…or, I should say, hung a tire swing.

This swing was the worlds best swing.  It hung from 20 feet of rope which created an arc extending over the neighbor’s fence.  The neighbor kids would line up for a push.

My little thrill seekers loved this swing.  Charlotte would screech in delight.  Jonathan would emit an uncontrollable, adrenaline induced chuckle:  hu-hu-hu-hu-hu.  I would push them by running under the swing so the take off point was 10 feet up.

Jonathan would hug the rope and grin with such pleasure.  His face a picture of rapture.  Every time I pushed him, I could see a video, the Talking Heads “Wild, Wild life” playing in the background.  Jonathan swinging in slow motion, spinning, grinning.

My regret: I never took that video.  I have the memory, but that will fade.

A month ago, the branch cracked, slowly falling into the neighbor’s yard.  Our tree swing forever gone.

The tree people came and cut up the branch, leaving a pile of logs.  Although we will never swing there again, that branch will continue to give.

The logs will provide a humor filled afternoon as the menfolk gather to split them.  And on some cool January evening, the neighbors will gather in the front yard around the fire pit.  The same logs, now dry, will entertain for hours, dancing and popping, while we talk about our kids, crazy things we did in college, and plan the next sailing trip.

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  1. Cathlena says:

    How sad! I am one of the lucky ones to see the young cousins line up for a turn on that magical ride. I’ll still see the swing and great big smiles all ’round!

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