On style

Several months ago, Jonathan became aware of image and started lobbying for a new haircut.  I’m not a real style conscious person, but I have to admit I was glad there was another in the family suggesting a different haircut.

Let’s face it, though adorable, the dutch-boy haircut is at the low end of the hipness scale.

Jonathan at the Special Olympics in May

Jonathan would frequently come to me with his hand covering up his forehead as tell me “Daddy, I want hair like yours.”

"Daddy, I want hair like yours."

Though honored, I was a bit concerned about his sense of style.  Seriously, who wants a folliclely challenged mop at the top of a forehead with similar measurements to a plantation?

The vast open spaces

So where does a young man go to decide what kind of hair style he needs?  Where else, to the gallery of Mii’s in his Wii video console:

So the next time Jonathan went to the barber and the stylist asked him “how do you want your haircut?”

“Like one of my Mii characters!”

That’s helpful.

After thumbing through a people magazine-no, I don’t want to look like Zac Efron-Jonathan decided he wanted a hair cut like the stylist had.

So, in all his handsomeness, and with a bit of bedhead, Jonathan, with hair off the forehead.

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9 Responses to On style

  1. dj says:

    AWESOME!! I love your new haircut Jonathan!! :)

  2. Wendy Johnson says:

    It’s saaaawwwweeeet!

  3. Lorna says:

    Great choice, Jonathan!

  4. tori andrews says:

    COOL dude!

  5. Jeanne Doherty says:

    Looking good!

  6. Molly says:

    He looks very cute!

  7. Cathlena says:

    It is perfect Jonathon! I love it!

  8. ilene says:

    what a great new do….adorable…fits you well!!!

  9. Lianna says:

    I love the new do! Of course, I grew up in the 80’s (even if I was in my 20’s, I did grow up in the Madonna era) and I remember the joys of spiking hair. Great look, Jonathon!

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