Happy Hour

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to head out of work on Friday, and b-line for the beach with the family.  The standard beach crowd has long since left, over-dosed on sun and sand.  The beach is quiet, empty.  The evening sun is gold, lighting up surf, clouds and faces.  It’s even better when friends are there to share it.

Empty Beach

When we arrived the tide was all the way out, and we hiked half way to Spain to be close enough to water for the kids to play.  Charlotte paired off with Abby, Jonathan with Alex.  Off they went and played nice all evening allowing us to catch up with Andy and Jeri Lyn.

Kids off to explore

Looking for sharks

After an hour, the surf started it’s twice daily march up the beach and we retreated to higher ground.  Late afternoon storms converged but aimed for Little Tybee and Hilton Head, blessing Tybee with blue skies.  We enjoyed another hour, watching the sun go down and lighting in storms to the North and South.

Catching up

When the beach became too dark we headed off to Huckapoo’s for Pizza.  Huckapoo’s is classic Tybee, casual in extreme, plastic cups and tattered menus reminding patrons that they serve pizza, nacho’s and beer.  Sun bleached surfers, trucker’s hats, children playing corn-hole and ring-hook, or watching America’s Funniest Video’s while sucking free icy-es.

A six topping request left our waiter baffled, but the result was accepted and quickly disappeared.

Stretching Friday turns every weekend into a three-day weekend.  Tell us about your favorite Friday evening family time.

Until next time, Phil

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3 Responses to Happy Hour

  1. Lianna says:

    Going to (or staying at) the beach, long after the crowds have left is a wonderful sensation. Some of my best memories of a young girl is frolicking in the waves and watching the sunset! Your pics take me back to those days. :)

    When Gabe and I play “Favorites”, (a game where we ask each other our favorite choices), often his favorite day is “Friday and Saturday”. Both days. I think Daddy coming home from work, and the feeling of play for the weekend washes over all of us. As a family, we don’t have a specific activity to mark it, but Fridays are jovial and definitely defined by the three of us hanging out together.

  2. Judy Baker says:

    Reminds me of our visit to Tybee Island while visiting Hannah’s great aunt who lives on Wilmington Island… watching the surfers disappear in the wave… collecting shells on Tybee… we sure loved our visit there this past June. Hannah and I have made the last two summers our time to travel, explore and enjoy our time for the past two summers, and our favorite place to visit is a beach. Precious Jonathan. Wondering if he is as strong willed yet tenderhearted as my angel child, Hannah. Loved your video!

  3. Kaylea says:

    Great post! Before our son was born (4 short months ago) Friday night was movie night for us. We both love going to the movies and went nearly every week. Gone are those self indulgent days of being without kids! Now Fridays are pretty much the same as every other night, eat, bathtime, stories and all three of us in bed by 8:30 – hahaha!

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