A better parent than me…

Last Friday night we witnessed this exchange.

Charlotte ran up to the adults and complained “Jonathan hit me on the back with boogie-board and it wasn’t an accident!”

(I quietly congratulated myself for not buying the boogie boards with knives attached.)

Jonathan was summoned to work it out and after finding of facts were complete, was deemed guilty.  We told him he was wrong to do that asked him to apologize.

“Sorry sister.”

Sorry doesn’t help, Jonathan,” yelled Charlotte, clearly disappointed with the severity of the punishment.

Jonathan stepped forward with body language clearly implying Charlotte was about to take another whack from the board and yelled:


It takes a better parent than me to not chuckle at that conclusion.

Until next time, Phil

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4 Responses to A better parent than me…

  1. Jenny Hurford says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog…and it makes me laugh! Good job!

  2. Judy Baker says:

    There is humor in everything! :) That was a great response and critical thinking, Jonathan! (At least it wasn’t physical).

  3. dee harriott says:

    That sounds exactly like the Jonathan I know and love. I am enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

  4. Molly says:

    I cracked up at that. So cute!

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